My name is Kamilla and I started this blog to document my fixation on all things I consider beautiful and trendy.

Why does beauty matter? Does it even matter? That's a subjective question, but I have my own answers.

Human beings have had a fixation with beauty since our earliest days - they've observed it in the stars, in nature, and in themselves.  I guess my fixation on beauty just shows that I'm like everyone else - we're human, and celebrating our beauty is a part of human nature.

I consider make-up products a tool for finding that ideal of beauty, and well, finding the right products gives me an immense feeling of pleasure and satisfaction.  It's just fun.

I created Guilt/Lust to document my search and love for beauty products, clothing, shoes, accessories, and everything in between! I use this blog as a way to keep track of the products I have tried/used/hated/loved, and it's also an outlet for being creative—I photograph, edit, and design my entries.

If you want to contact me, just send me an e-mail: kamillafahradova@gmail.com

Thanks for visiting