Monday, 27 August 2012

Glymm Bag August 2012 / Exciting New Products + FREE GIFT

I was very lucky this month. Glymm August came in a beautiful, black cosmetic bag with two full sized products - a skincare item, and a lip gloss. Unfortunately, many other subscribers were extremely disappointed - as many have not received anything in full size. I must confess, the reason why I have received that extra gift was the fact that I have contacted Glymm to cancel my subscription - they in turn offered a free gift. Nevertheless, it was a 'good' box. And I only wish Glymm would step up and invite more manufacturers to include their samples - let's face it...samples are cheap! and may not be worth much to many of the manufacturers. Despite that this month was almost excellent, next month may be awful again. I am going to cancel. Let's hope the cancellation process will go well. Fingers crossed.

Full Product List

Vitamine & Sea Mineral Clay Mask - up to 3 uses - This organic mask is enriched with vitamins B1, B2, C, A, D and E from sweet almond oil to pamper your skin and a touch of honey that will protect from daily free radical damage and balance your skins moisture, and work immediate wonders on all skin types giving a soft, tight, sexy, radiant glow.

Naked Princess Naked Shine Lip Gloss - up to 14 uses - "Infused with Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Moroccan Vanilla, & Antioxidants for radiance & shine. A collagen-producing Peptide helps to plump lips without irritation to reduce the appearance of fine lines. It may be worn alone or over other lip products.

Mai Couture Foundation Powder Papier in Nude Glow - up to 4 times - Add color to your cheeks anytime with highly pigmented blush papier or get an illuminated and flawless complexion and touch up your makeup with their one of a kind foundation papier. Just rub the paper on your cheeks for instant results.

Principessa Beauty / Cattiva Diva silky hand cream - full size 100ml - Skin silkening ingredients abound in this powerful prettifying treat that will leave your hands feeling like they've just been manicured. A pea sized amount is all you need. Warning: this stuff is addictive.

Bentaberry G-1 Moisturizing Face Cream - 3ml - Skin is mattified, soothed and balanced. Redness and blemishes on the face are diminished.

Atelier Cologne in Trefle pur -  up to 10-20 uses - The master perfumers of Atelier Cologne blend unexpected and rare extracts with signature fresh citruses to create Colognes Absolues. Each scent depicts a moment in time. 

Mai Couture Social Gloss in Femme Fatale - full size 5ml - Luxurious lip gloss fills in unwanted lines and restores moisture for healthier, fuller lips. 


  1. Such a lovely bag in comparison to the rest of us. I have the Mai Couture gloss and I absolutely love it. <3


  2. I have contacted them about cancelling as well...I wonder if I'll get a better bag?

  3. that is a great bag! you got a nicer colour of the mai couture lip gloss than i did a few months ago (i got the beige-ish colour). i actually went to the atelier cologne counter when i was in paris and bought a full size of the trefle pur because i liked it so much... what did you think of the scent?

  4. Ditto to what ellesy said; you got a nice shade of the Mai Couture lipgloss.
    I was thinking of cancelling. Do you get the hard sell to 'not cancel' from Glymm? I hate that.

  5. that is a very nice color of lipgloss - i remember really enjoying how the Mai Couture glosses are not sticky.
    interesting that they offered a free gift to try to keep you from unsubscribing. i think many of us are thinking of cancelling very soon if these bags do not improve - i don't feel like i am getting any value in my bags anymore.

  6. I cancelled mine after this box but had already paid for September so I wonder if they'll give me something extra to get me to re-sub for October? Hmm... Honestly, it would probably work if the bonus product is decent, lol.

  7. So threaten to leave and then they give you good stuff?! hmmmm...... Here's what I got in mine. It's not nearly as exciting as yours

    Please consider following me :)

  8. Definitely a much better bag than mine! I'm contemplating on cancelling.

    On a much happier note, I am finally off the waiting list for Top Box!! I'll be getting my first one in September :)

  9. Well, I officially cancelled! :)

  10. Keep an eye on your credit card statements.I had a VERY difficult time cancelling. It took months to get everything sorted out.

    My credit card company filed a claim to get me the months of back payments after I had canceled, but Glymm never actually stopped my subscription (they had said they had.) I only got a final response/action from them when I threatened report them to the authorities and or the Better Business Bureau. Hopefully you don't have any issues!