Wednesday, 18 June 2014

The Oils of Live Clean / Monoi Oil and Exotic Silk Keratin Oil

The Canadian leader in eco-friendly products, Live Clean, has developed two new hair oil products: Exotic Vitality Monoi Oil Leave-In Treatment and Exotic Silk Keratin Oil Leave-In Treatment. The two work beautifully, taming frizz, without weighing hair down or creating product build-up and residue. The best part, of course, is that these oils are silicone-free, 100% plant based, and deliver exceptional results.

I almost always avoid hair treatments, as I have coarse, thick long hair, and find most products do not work well on me. With the new Live Clean oils, my hair certainly doesn't feel greasy, but smooth and less frizzy. Plus, both of the products rinsed out easily and completely. Sounds great!

Live Clean Exotic Vitality Monoi Leave-In Treatment
-Strengthens hair
-Prevents breakage and increases elasticity 
-Made with Jojoba Oil and Bamboo extract

Live Clean Exotic Silk Keratin Leave-In Treatment
-Works well on dry hair
-Creates shine

And another favourite of mine is the Live Clean Age Resist Miracle Nutrition Oil
-Designed as a pre-shampoo treatment, it increases sheen, lustre and density of each hair strand to appear thicker and fuller!

How to use:

Apply to damp hair that’s freshly washed and conditioned. Non leave-in oils (like Live Clean Age Resist Miracle Oil) are best on wet hair as well.

Place 1-2 drops of oil in palm of hand and rub your hands together. This will ensure a thin layer. Lightly comb your fingers through your hair from the mid-section to the ends, distributing as evenly as you can. Start with one side of your head, then the other.

Do not apply all over. It’s the damaged or frizzy areas that need help.

Leave-in treatments like Live Clean Monoi and Live Clean Keratin can be used after each shampoo and conditioning. Rinse-out Miracle Nutrition Oil can be used as a pre-shampoo treatment every time you wash your hair. With Live Clean oils you don’t have to worry about build-up. Live Clean’s formulations are water soluble, rinsing out easily and completely; they won’t build up on the hair as hair oil products with silicone do.

You can apply a few drops to dry hair before swimming to protect it from the harsh effects of chlorinated water.

99 percent plant derived
Paraben free
Silicone free
Earth-friendly packaging
Affordable at $11.99
Multi-use and long lasting

Value: 5/5
Quality: 5/5
Performance: 4/5
Packaging: 4/5
Price: $$

Overall: 4/5 

Would I use it again? YES!

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