Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Shopping at Forever 21 Canada / Fun!

Today I was browsing through beautiful oversized rings sold at Forever 21. They are stunning, well-crafted (for the most part), and extremely affordable. The price range is from $4 to $8...and the ring would last for a year or two...although mine last for a lot longer since I don't wear them as often. Take a look at the ones I've tried on:


  1. You're so brave to take photos in the store! Ninja spy style! LOL. I am so scared that one of the workers will come up to me and go "stop taking pics!!". They use to make us do that when I worked there :(

  2. LOL! It's my phone camera. :)
    It should be fine since there is no customers in the background and no details of any 'trade secrets'.

  3. 1st and fourth I would have bought if I was in that store! :) But they where all very pretty!