Sunday, 9 September 2012

Glossy Box August 2012 / End of Summer

The Glossy Box Canada August 2012 edition's theme was to continue enjoying warm summer nights. The team included special skincare treats and soft pink lipstick to savour the last days of summer. Overall, the box was great and as always, a pleasant surprise! 

My favourite item this month: Kryolan for GlossyBox professional beauty lipstick for soft and glamourous lips. Full size!

Other great items I've enjoyed: BEFINE skin care products are of superb quality and perfect for acne-prone, sensitive skin. Their cleansers are great. Glossy included a 20% code for those who'd want to try more.

Inside the box:
  • Sebastian Potion 9 Lite - conditions, restores, and enhances styling - 50ml bottle worth $7
  • Biore make-up removing towelettes - 10 for $4
  • Kryolan for Glossybox lipstick in Glossy Pink - full size worth $8 or possibly more as it's high quality
  • Layla Mascara in Glitter - silver - Made in Italy, Full size, and $16
  • Befine Fine Food Skin Care sampler - Exfoliating Cleanser, The Gentle Cleanser, The Night Cream, The Pore Refining Scrub Treatment, and The Warming Clay Mask: superb samples! I've used up two already and love it! - approximate worth of $5
  • Trend Trunk Mystery Gift Card - $5 - this is pretty much useless to me as you cannot buy much for $5
  • Something extra: Elastoplast SOS blister sample
This was a great box worth $40, purchased for $15. Two full sized beauty items made it worth it, but I can see how others may feel disappointed, especially if they did not get makeup.



  1. The wand for the glitter mascara looks really intriguing! I'm glad that you liked your box <3 xo


  2. Great photos. The lipstick and Be fine are also my favourite items and, bonus the Be fine aren't even remotely "single serve" in the case of the cold cream.

  3. oooh you got a silver glitter mascara! great post... thanks for sharing :)

  4. Oooh you got silver mascara! I got an olive green? I was pretty pleased with this month's Glossybox and will enjoy every bit of it!