Sunday, 14 October 2012

Closet Therapy: You are What You Wear

In the October edition of Women's Health magazine, I have come across an article that helped me realize so much about my closet habits. If you were to take a peek inside my closet, you would often see hung up or piling up layers on the floor clothes or emotions, goals, fears, and dreams. Oftentimes, my clothing choices tell a story that I honestly wasn't aware of. I have a messy, complicated relationship with my closet. Perhaps, like a messy fling or marriage.

According to the magazine, here are the five common wardrobe hang-ups.

1. I tend to rotate between black, white, and beige. So True for many of us. The diagnosis: This may reflect a fear of taking risks or that I am hoping to fade into the background or blend in with the crowd. The fix? Add a small splash of brightness via a tee or shoes.

2. My closet is filled with sale items that still have the tags on. This could mean that I've been trying to fill a void in my personal life with the instant high that comes from spending cash. It's like overloading on sale items you don't love is like having five fat free cookies instead of one real thing. For me, it's often about the quantity, not so much the quality. I want more & more. I know I have to stop. The fix? Leave your credit cards at home! Or put an item on hold, I would go back if it's something I truly love.

3. I own a lot of dresses or funky items that are hard to pull off at work. I shop for my fantasy life. Often imagining myself as a fashionista, stomping in high heels on the streets of Manhattan (think Sex and the City). The fix? I need to shop for items that can be worn in lots of settings.

4. I can't bear to ditch my very old clothes and those jeans that are too small. I cling on old items, regretting I've barely worn the pants, but now realizing it's out of style, and unfortunately, there's still hope that someday the pants will go back in style. I'm such a hoarder. I even hang out to packaging and clothing labels. The fix? If it's something I still love, but happens to be too tight or too lose, can be tailored! I must admit I have a sewing machine that I've bought out of impulse, thinking I will sew and make something amazing. Big sigh.

5. I can't see the clothes I have because my closet is so cluttered. It's been said that some people like to surround themselves with things that comfort them, such as lots of clothes, but this can actually have the opposite effect. Disorganization can in fact cause depression and anxiety, mood swings, feeling blue? I sure do! The fix? Today I spent many hours separating clothes by type: sweaters, pants, and so on are always together. Now, I tried to organize each category by colour, but that was a lot of work, and impossible to maintain everyday. I am simply too lazy to put the clothes away where it belongs...reds with reds. All of the items no longer in season are always out of sight. I stuffed the summer clothes into the suitcases and under the bed.