Friday, 13 December 2013

Favourite Looks / Holidays 2013 / Expressive and Festive

Getting ready for the Holiday parties? Don’t despair. Dressing up, looking sexy yet smart and sophisticated feels great. Vain and superficial? In all honesty, why can’t we freely and humbly choose to dress up and look our best, and perhaps be the center of attention just for a day.

Now is the perfect time to glam it up with smokey eyes, glitter, and bold lips! I have searched through 125,000 runway looks and found inspiring, trendy Holiday looks.

This season, take the centre stage with fierce, smokey eye - opt for gunmetal greys, deep browns, purples, and navy blues. Give it some extra sparkle with glitter. It’s fun, sexy, and festive. Plus, don’t be afraid to add-in the falsies.

The lipstick is in. While the lipstick may scream ‘femininity’ don’t be afraid! It doesn’t necessarily mean that a woman is subservient to a man. Many makeup artists would argue that lipstick illustrates that a woman knows how to show herself as sharp, smart, and sophisticated.

Bold, strong colours are a definite must. Matte lipsticks are excellent - they’re beautiful, soft, velvety, and retro glam. My personal favourite formulas are by Chanel, Dior and M.A.C. Some of the popular colours this season are the wine stained-berry burgundies, the classic bright or deep reds, and metallic golden coppers. The darker colours, while may seem intimidating at first, make a strong, fashionable statement and get people talking.
Here are my favourite looks: