Friday, 28 October 2011

be evil! / halloween 2011 / accessories and inspiration / part i

This year for Halloween I will become a young, goth-inspired, sexy and dark, satan-worshipping vampire! (While my boyfriend will be my maker, the King Vampire.)

I have purchased dozens of necklaces, a mask, lace gloves, and plenty of rings for this special occasion. Halloween's always been my favourite time of the year. My boyfriend and I had been dressing up for five consecutive years. Pretty impressive!

I would like to layer with accessories on top of a black tee. Here is a quick snapshot:

And here is a quick snapshot of what I was thinking of: to layer with accessories on top of a black tee, wear rings with fingerless gloves, and actually, I will also be wearing over-the-knee leather boots! Va-va-voom! 
I'm going to show you the evil necklaces, the mask I have re-painted to look even more evil, a headband with '666', and a red band, with a painted on Sigil of  Baphomet, to be used as a belt. Scary!

Scared yet?