Thursday, 27 October 2011

luxe box by loose button / october edition / review

A few days ago I have received the October Edition Luxe Box by Loose Button, a monthly surprise beauty box subscription service similar to Birchbox and Glymm. I was excited to open it up as it's my very first Luxe Box. And I must say that... I was very impressed! Luxe Box is well designed and branded to be elegant, sophisticated, and trendy. I am a sucker for beautiful packaging (I design for a living)! In fact, the box with its sliding cover can be re-used as a jewelry box or who knows! A+

The package also came with a personalized thank you postcard printed on pearl paper stock. It mentions that there's been a redesign to the box. I believe the previous design looked more classic/traditional, whereas now it is much more chic and trendyluxury and color black go hand in hand! Take a look:

  • LISE WATIER / Flash Lift Radiance Vials / 1ml/vial / This is a new product from Lise Watier, a serum-like product for a lifting effect and instant radiance.
  • MOROCCANOIL / Light / 25ml / I am very happy with this, as it costs $15 at salons for the same amount. And I love MoroccanOil products, here is my review of the original.
  • PUR MINERALS / Mineral Glow / 3.4g / A mineral powder with golden undertones
  • OLAY Professional Pro-X / Eye Restoration Complex / Improves the look of crow's feet
  • CHLOE / Eau De Parfume / Fresh and Classic, though not something I would normally wear
  • DEALUXE $25 off $75 offer / Canadian Online Retailer

This was a nice experience, a luxurious experience, but I can see how some may be disappointed, especially if they do not like MoroccanOil or Pur mineral powder. But for $12/month it's a small risk to take. Go ahead and try it!

Quality: 5/5
Value: 4/5
You may not always get what you wished for
Packaging: 5/5 Functional and Re-usable
Service: 4/5 Takes longer to ship to Vancouver
Price: $$
The monthly subscription is $12/month, $2 more expensive than Glymm.

Overall: 4/5

Would I subscribe again? Yes!


  1. Great post! I just signed up for loose button a few days ago....can't wait for my first package.....sad to hear that it takes longer to ship to Vancouver I live in Vancouver....sigh. Oh well! as long as the products redeem themselves...I may be a returning custoemr :)

  2. I ordered the 3 month version of the Luxe Box and received the second month late after there was a typo in my address. It took several days to receive a response from Loose Button and it ended up being quite generic as though they had not actually read my email. It arrived three weeks late and I still received emails asking how I was enjoying my Luxe Box when it was on the other side of the country. In essence you pay for March and it comes a day before the 1st of April if you are lucky (I'm in Vancouver).

    This month I tried to use their First in Line program which didn't work. I was not receiving the emails which were to confirm this program and when they did arrive it was after the cut-off time so the link was useless. I emailed twice and a week later have still not received a response. If I had not prepaid for this month I would have cancelled it through my CC. I tried to have a refund but have yet to have actual contact with anyone.
    In order to actually cancel your subscription the link on their website mysteriously doesn't work so you have to wait and hope someone contacts you back. The girl friend who signed up when I did has had the same issues with receiving a response over a week after she tried to cancel in order to not be billed again before the cut off and just snuck in time.

    The actual products themselves are okay, when you are provided colours (eg. nail polish) it seems that you are getting the leftovers which no one would purchase to start.

    This is legitimately some of the sneakiest and worst customer service I have ever recieved. I would not recommend this to anyone.

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