Monday, 23 January 2012

Color your life! / Mood Boosting Colors

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While reading the February edition of Cosmopolitan, I have learned that there are many colors out there that can boost your energy or make you feel happy!

Reds + Violets = Energy

Greens + Yellows = Happy

Blues = Calm

Earth Tones = Renewal + Personal Growth

If you want to be focused during a big presentation: try wearing red nail polish.
All eyes will be on you!

If you want to start your day with a burst of energy: paint your kitchen walls yellow.
The color makes you more active!

If you want to be carefree, laugh, and goof off: place a pot of violet flowers in your room.
People associate the purple color with children and giggling.

If you want to chill out: use a green yoga mat.
Stare at it as you are stretching.

If you want to be desired: wear a little black dress.
Something short and black would make you feel sexy and you'd give off a super seductive vibe.

If you want to stay motivated: wear orange.
It keeps your brain stimulated.

If you need a burst of creative thoughts: stare at something blue.
It gets your creative juices flowing!

If you feel crappy: hang out at a java shop.
Brown makes you feel cozy and warm inside.

If you are getting over a breakup: slip a white cover on your duvet.
White makes us feel hopeful about the future.

Is there a color that is bad for your mood? I've done some research and found that the color GRAY is the most popular among people suffering with depression and anxiety. I, too, wear gray when I am unhappy or feeling lethargic/ambivalent. (source: )


  1. this is very interesting =] I can finally put my red polishes to use! Ive always been scared to wear them!><