Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Last Week in Photos / March 1-10th

The big event that week was my 25th Birthday! I still can't believe I turned quarter of a century, or half way to 50! Wow... I didn't feel to depressed about getting old, but instead I tried to embrace aging.

Here is the cake that my momma baked me. It was chocolate layers with cream!

I also ate like a maniac! I love food.

 My mom gave me this wonderful, stunning gold necklace:

I have won this lovely Chanel lipstick! :) More pictures to come!

Lastly, my boyfriend gave me this wonderful gift! An amazing scanner!


  1. Happy birthday :) the food looks yummy! x

  2. Just stumbled on your blog - now following! love your photos!

  3. It's 2:30am n u made me hungry with that pizza!!! :'((((.. Kk I should sleep now so I can wake up early, eat a healthy breakfast then be able to indulge in some yummy pizza for lunch ^^