Sunday, 23 December 2012

Health Truths Busted

One week caffeine is good and popping multi-vitamins is bad, but sooner or later, we find contradictory research - which apparently is the norm in the science world. How confusing! So, is it good or is it bad? Nobody knows, but here is what I've read in Women's Health October 2012 edition:

Flossing may help prevent heart diseases. 
There is no proof, no solid evidence to support the idea that poor oral hygiene causes heart attacks. However, keep on flossing! As my dentist says, flossing reduces your risk for gum diseases which can lead to tooth loss. So, do the deed at least once a day.

Soy is a no-no if you or a family member had breast cancer. 
Doctors were concerned that tofu and edamame could promote the development of cancer by mimicking estrogen which breast tumors are fueled by. Well, it turns out that Soy foods can be safe for all women, and can protect other cancers, but only in moderation. Avoid concentrated levels of Soy which can be found in soy chips, soy powders, fake-meat products, etc.

Fat free salad dressing is the best choice.
Turns out that adding fat to veggies makes each bite more nutritious. Salads are bursting with important vitamins and minerals, and fat enhances the absorption of compounds in veggies called carotenoids, which may reduce risk of cancer and vision loss. So? The best move is to drizzle your salad with canola or olive oil based dressings, but still avoid creamy Italian or blue cheese dressings.

Popping a daily multi-vitamin is a smart habit. 
Truth is multis may not always help, and could be toxic in high dosage. It would be best to focus on getting vitamins from food. If you generally consume veggies, fruits, lean proteins, whole grains and low fat dairy, and avoid bad fats and added sugar, you should be in good nutritional shape. But if you are losing weight and cutting calories, the multis could be a good idea. 

Yoga is gentle on the body.
Your body needs time to bend, and yoga can hurt you. Do yoga mindfully. Find a good practitioner  and take your time. Expert say to "get the key pieces in place first" as injuries may strike when transitioning from one pose to the next. Pause. Breathe. Take your time.

You should replace your toothbrush every three months.
True. Even if you regularly sanitize your brush, you can't repair worn down bristles, says Nicole Holland, a dentist in Boston. After 3 months, your toothbrush will become less effective. 

It's fine to keep all of your Over-the-Counter meds in the bathroom.
False. You might be better off storing medicine in your bedroom. "A bathroom's moist air and warm temperatures can make medicine expire faster" says Dr. McDonnell. Always keep your drugs in a dry, controlled environment. 


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