Sunday, 3 February 2013

Sunday Tips / On the fly beauty fixes

I've come across numerous tips featured in popular, mainstream magazines, but most were simply too difficult to achieve - I don't always carry around a hairspray to fix my wild mane, nor do I bring along a big pump of moisturizer and foundation. So, what's a girl gotta do? Here are some tips I've collected so far:

Dry or Frizzy Hair? Humidity and rain? When frizz and flyaways attack, reach for a little hand cream - dilute it with some water - and there you got some serum! Or if the hair is a complete mess, bring a hairband! Make a pony tail or a messy bun. Work with your tangles to rock a trendy, messy bun.

Defuse Booze Breath? Order a glass of water along with booze to counteract the effects of booze, and carry around mini brushlike tools, plus dental floss with mint flavour is great too!

Oily Skin in the Club - Hit up the bathroom for some toilet paper or purchase Clean & Clear Oil-Absorbing Sheets, tiny enough for the purse!

Greasy Hair? Pat roots with the face powder then tousle to blend it in. It will absorb the excess oils plus offer instant volume.

Racoon Eyes? Trying to rub away mascara or liner with a tissue will only irritate your delicate under-eye skin. Instead, reach for the hand lotion. Dab a little bit under the eye and gently swipe it away with a soft tissue.

Smelly Pits? The alcohol in hand sanitizer is perfect for killing the odor-causing bacretia. Rub a small amount onto each underarm, or if you just shaved, dab them with a little perfume. Those small easy to carry roller balls come in handy.

Dehydrated, dry lips? Wet your lips, then dab a little bit of petroleum jelly, like Vaseline lip therapy, as it seals in the water.

Melting Self Tanner? Dab some translucent face powder on the areas where you sweat the most. The light layer will help absorb sweat later on, minimizing the risk of a rub-off.

MUST HAVES staples in my purse:

  • sanitizer
  • face powder
  • hand cream or lotion
  • tissue paper
  • lipstick
  • mini-mirror
  • mascara
  • eye-curler
  • concealer