Thursday, 14 March 2013

Peach and Lily Giveaway / $300 Shopping Spree

I am happy to introduce my readers to Peach and Lily, an online store featuring high-quality Asian skincare and beauty products for individuals in the U.S.

What is Peach and Lily?

Peach and Lily is a beauty e-commerce site that is changing the way consumers access, discover, and shop for the best beauty products out of Asia.

Click here to learn more & ENTER to win a $300 beauty shopping spree for Peach and Lily, a new e-commerce destination that brings curated cream-of-the-crop beauty products from beauty-forward destinations like Japan and Korea! Some of their bestselling products include a mineral-based BB Cream, fiber mascaras that lengthen dramatically, and hard-to-find innovative products like snail cream and binchotan soaps.

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  1. Cool, I love checking out Asian beauty products.