Wednesday, 28 September 2011

The Power of Print - My Magazine Subscriptions - Elle US, Elle Canada, Marie Claire, GQ, and much more!

Being a communication designer, I can't give up subscribing to magazines. The glossy or matte paper will never compare to an iPad, and the ability to study an editorial 'in depth' without any distractions is still better than looking at it on screen. Plus, it's not right to let magazines die out: "print is one communications medium among many and that to be a true communications company one must be conversant in all media, strategically and holistically." Personally, I appreciate photography, graphic design, advertising, and writing a lot more when I see it in print.

This medium is important and I will help save it. Take a look at some of my current subscriptions:

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  1. I love Loulou.. Its so good.. And its really well priced lol =) I've been kindof getting into allure also lol