Thursday, 1 December 2011

Flu! / Prevention and treatment

Sadly, I caught the flu, with some symptoms of a stomach flu (such as abdominal pain and vomiting). Yikes! It was awful for a few days, but now I am feeling much better! It was nothing compared to last year, when I've battled pneumonia for a few weeks (it can be deadly), and had to recover for months.

Apparently, the number one thing I can do is to obsessively wash my hands, thoroughly and frequently. Or perhaps use a hand sanitizer, and maybe I should carry a mini-sanitizer in my purse. I've also recently read that Vitamin C has never been proven to fend off a cold or flu. So, I cant rely on eating oranges non-stop...but maybe orange tea?

Sleep definitely helped. Just yesterday I slept for 12+ hours, and if you're fighting the flu, sleep deprivation is a no-no...and could worsen the symptoms. Eek!

So here are the rules to follow according to Women's Health November 2011 issue:

  • Wash my hands - Or use sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol
  • Moisturize my air - Very humid air might be toxic to viruses 
  • Skip Drinking - Too much alcohol impairs my white blood cells' from fighting viruses
  • Don't Rely on C - Vitamin C doesn't do much
  • Sleep More - That's an obvious one
  • Taste the Rainbow - Eat your berries, red beans, and bright fruits
  • Drink lots of Green Tea!