Friday, 2 December 2011

New Stuff / Natural & Organic / Moisturizers & Creams

Uh-Oh! What else did I get? Well, I've been looking for extra moisturizing skin products, but something more natural and healthier. While at Winners, a Canadian version of TJMAXX, I ran into a skin product section, a small section, and there I have found great quality products that are more expensive online (50% more!).

I've picked up Herbaflor Certified Organic Rosehip Oil:
Helps even out skin tone. Smoothes wrinkles. Instant improvement to skin health. Nourishes and hydrates ageing skin. Moisturises and soothes dry skin. Balances oily skin and reduces appearance of blemishes. High in essential fatty acids to increase skin elasticity. Rich in skin-repairing vitamins and antioxidants. Suitable for all ages and all skin types. No preservatives, colours, additives or fragrance. Super-light and easily absorbed. Certified organic(USDA).
I've used it only a few times, but it works immediately, especially when my face is super dry. This oil feels pure and clean. I will review it soon.

What else? I have found Green Beaver Winter Face Cream. It's Canadian, 100% natural, vegan, gluten free, and biodegradable. I'm looking forward to trying it!
Extra rich shea and cocoa butter will replenish tight, dry skin caused by cold Canadian winters. Non-greasy and quick absorbing. Naturally suitable for sensitive skin.

Another item I've picked up is a warm-honey-nectar hand lotion from Naturally Upper Canada for only $4. Hand lotion for winter months is a must-have, and this size is perfect for any of my handbags. This soothing lotion smells natural and not overwhelming like most other hand lotions packed with cheap fragrances.

Oh, and I dropped by the Body Shop not too long ago and picked up Nutriganics Smoothing Eye Cream. It has decent reviews (3.7/5 on, packaged perfectly, smells fresh, and has an immediate effect around my eyes. I will be reviewing it very soon!



  1. What a good haul! The Green Beaver stuff sounds good! But, maybe it's because I find the little skiing beaver SOOO cute! haha :P Do you know if they sell it in the US anywhere?

  2. Really like your blog you take great pictures!! :)

  3. i just bought the herbaflor rosehip oil today because my skin is super dry. i was using aura cacia argan oil which did wonders for my skin and i've been hearing lots of great things about rosehip so i decided to give this a try.

    i'm all about all-natural skin products now; it seems that my skin has become very sensitive to basically every existing product i have so i have to switch to an all-natural line.

    i LOVE green beaver products. i use their sunscreen on my face and i also like badger products since both are all-natural and certified organic. these sunscreens are the only ones that didn't make my skin freak out; everything else leaves my skin tight, painful and really really red :(