Thursday, 3 May 2012

April Edition Glossy Box Canada / Spring has sprung!

Wow! Another amazing box from Glossy Box Canada. In the April edition, I've received samples from respected brands, and of high quality products, with many being full-sized. If you haven't tried a sampling service like Glossy Box Canada, you should definitely try it now.

In April's box, I have received these wonderful products:
  • Full size: Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer - $22.99
  • Full size: Elizabeth Grant Skin Care Shower Gel - $20.00
  • Well Brilliance Conditioner Fine to Normal
  • Wella Brilliance Treatment Fine to Normal
  • Full size: Marcelle Xtension Plus Mascara - $12.50
  • Bonus: Marcelle BB Cream Beauty Balm

The Aveeno moisturizer is quite good, and I've used it many times before - it's an excellent choice for the box! Elizabeth Grant shower gel also looks amazing - and I can't wait to try it. It's foamy, with a delightful fragrance that captures style in every person. Wow.

I have never tried Wella products, so, that will be fun. I definitely love trying new hair products. The Wella Brilliance line contains diamond dust! Will my hair shine?

The Marcelle mascara is NEW and meant to give your lashes extra length and curl. Marcelle is a Canadian company with a good reputation and excellent, high quality products. I am sure that I will not be disappointed.

Overall, this box gets an A! It came with a variety of products from skincare and hair to makeup. It really is almost perfect.


  1. I'm a HUGE Glossy box fan so I ♥ these posts: I might sign up when they launch in India! Great post :)

  2. This was my second Glossy Box and still so excited about it. Definitely the best out of the services I've tried.

  3. Your blog amazes me! I wish I could take pictures as nice as yours. I chose your blog for a Liebster Award over on mine, if you want to check it out.

  4. I signed up for the US Glossybox, and I'm SO excited. It definitely looks like it'll be worth the cost.

    Your blog photos are absolutely gorgeous! I wish mine were half as good as yours.:)